[Guide] Tips on Creating Voice MML for Diva

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[Guide] Tips on Creating Voice MML for Diva

Postby Kenero » Fri May 31, 2013 6:15 pm

candyrock wrote:Audible range for the new instruments:
Piano: o1c ~ o7c
Violin: o1e ~ o4b
Cello: o1c ~ o3a+
Vocal (Male): o1f ~ o4c+
Vocal (Female): o1c ~ o3a
Choir (Male): o1d ~ o3a+
Choir (Female): o1g ~ o4c

Yes, for some reason, the female vocals have a lower range than the male vocals. Both genders of the vocals come in 5 different variants; the tones are the same, but the syllables vary within some of the notes. Choir is the same, but with only 3 variants.

If you fail to specific an octave, you'll either get no sound or a messed up voice. So, what does that mean? You have to specify which octave to use, for example, take this MML line:


Just by itself, it can produce sound on an instrument, but if you don't assign an octave, it won't play at all. To remedy this, let's add the first octave to it or o1:


Notice how because I added o1, the song will now play in that octave.

Now while that will get the voice going in a song, it wouldn't sound pretty good. To be a true master of making voice MML, you have to learn how to manipulate octaves! In other words, learning where to put octaves is the key to being a good voice MML writer.

Now, with that said here's an example video I made after experimenting with it:

Notice in that video that I played three octaves separately to demonstrate how high and low it can get. Once I demonstrated each octave separately, there's a "slight" pause at the video at 0:53, after the pause, I use three octaves to create a very nice melody. =)

As you can see, by learning to manipulate octaves, you can make some pretty cute voice MML. With that in mind, I hope it will give some insight on how to write voice MML for our MML writers in Mabinogi.


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