[Mystic Arte] Remote Golem

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[Mystic Arte] Remote Golem

Postby Soluna » Fri May 06, 2011 1:42 am

This IS the golem's most advanced skill in usage from the School of the East. Many golem user already know this skill some what, but not sure the exact mechanics to it. Other golem users may have not even heard of such a technique (But now you will!). This technique has exist for... a long time, but with the skill "Summon Golem" being so controversial, the teaching on it has been going back and forth as to share this knowledge to the public or not as well.

Okay, enough talk, is time to learn this technique!

Like the name suggests, we can control golem at an infinite distance. This allows users to be at a very safe distance from the monster group and attack them using the sheer force of the golem.

The trick here is same idea as Running Meditation without using Wands. Wait what?

If you were to click on the mini map to do an auto run and turn on meditation before you have reached the destination, you will be able to run with mediation until you have reached the destination.

Remote golem is the similar concept. You switch control to golem then you click to the spot you want to move to with 1 click and you will be able to move to that spot even if it is outside of the control range of the golem. 1 Important thing to note is that you must not hit obstacles before you reach the destination as well or else it would not work out.

So you are like invincible right? No, not really. Because remote golem restrict your golem to be able to use just 2 skills. Rest and Windmill, this means that even though you can use remote golem to do many things, it is at the same time being limited by many restrictions, such as you cannot move after the click, you can only use windmill as the attack and not smash etc.

However, with such technique you can do many things that you normally cannot do. For example, solo Falias (Although, you should really be going to it with friends...):

The usage of this technique doesn't end here, there are many other ways to utilize this technique. But I will leave it for people to experiment this for themselves. As for guild members, you can check out the post in guild section for extension usage of this techniques.

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