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Re: Rejoice, it's Finally Here!

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Kapra wrote:
sSsDoOm wrote:
Kapra wrote:I'd rather take up more inv space than convert to 1x1. 1x2 is already a pain, if you have a 1x2 and there isn't two empty spots to the left or right of it, you cannot empty gold from a 2x2 pouch into it. Now imagine how much more trouble it would be to do that with a 1x1. I'd rather have like a 2x2 that holds 75k to be honest.
Why not just go with the 2x2 200k pouch and get it over with?
There is no 2x2 200k pouch. If you're implying four 1x1s that are 50k each equals one 2x2 200k, you completely missed my point.
I was suggesting the possibility of them making one, sarcastically. I know one doesn't exist, it just comes to a point of, I wouldn't be surprised if they did make one. And I was referencing your size issue when dumping gold into them.
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