How do we save Mabinogi?

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Re: How do we save Mabinogi?

Postby somecoolguy » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:01 am

Armelle wrote:...the game basically had a lot of potential and didn't really follow up with it as time went on.


There are many games that I feel this way about.
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Re: How do we save Mabinogi?

Postby Sky » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:06 am

It's hard to do so :/
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Re: How do we save Mabinogi?

Postby [Bloodhound] » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:38 pm

To be honest there is few ways that we can save Mabinogi. One is adding a new dungeon (which this was already brought up), another is redoing Pheion (also brought up yet that may have a lot of people unable to play because they might redo the graphics too), and many others. But in my view I do want them to go back and make it like it was when it came out, so in a way yes back track what they did. For what keeps me playing is that it is still a good game. Shure i do get bored of it and I do something else but doesn't that feeling of being in a open world game were you can do almost anything you want bring you back? I almost feel like that i still can find the core of the game still at times doing advanced duengeons solo (even if I die) and with now you gota think things out, in a way what to do before something. I would love to do the newer skills but that would make everything overpowering so I decided to just stick with archery or just the old combat skills. Also, why not redo Albey to make it were there are an basic, intermediate, and advanced but still without the goddess statue. and have some harder monsters that give great exp and have some harder bosses to go with Albey. Along with that be a certain current level to just get into the various Albey dungeons. And not use the monsters already in it, have it something new with a few different AIs that make it were you need to think on who to kill first instead of just charging in there. For ex, have 3 attack you at once, then 4 monsters guarding 2 monsters that heal the others as YOU try to fight your way to the next room. after you defeat the 3 that come after you, 2 of the monsters guarding go to attack you and the healers just heal. Give us veterans players something to challenge ourselves basically, but to do new dungeons it be nice if they be for mainly veterans players that have been playing since G3, G2, and G1.
There is many more ways to save this game because it dose have a lot of potential cause of it being a "Fantasy Life" but not many people to care about it as much as they used to it seams.

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Re: How do we save Mabinogi?

Postby Serifel » Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:41 pm

Can someone just send this to Nexon KR or DevCat? Cause, honestly, you guys bring up good points. Personally, as I new Mabi player, I think they should
1) Actually make a FANTASY LIFE part
I mean, come on, actually let us have actual homes that we can enter and customize instead of the shitty player homes we have or homesteads. Let cooking and tailoring actually be meaningful, as the previous posts have discussed.
2) I really want this game to be something to explore, so it would be cool to
a) expand Uladh and fill Iria with more content, and make exploration FUN and MEANINGFUL
b) as discussed before, expand commerce and add a sea-faring part to it
c) what i think would be cool is to make a player based economy, so that players have good reason to stay in game. Plus, cooler to look for items to supply markets and stuff.
3) Update the battle systems, as discussed previously
4) Expand on the shadow world and tir na nog ideas- could we expand those areas? Maybe have expeditions into tir na nog, so that players could save/redeem it or something?

Bah. Whatever. I want to see if Project NT can live up to its hype. Hopefully it'll be as good as Mabi.

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Re: How do we save Mabinogi?

Postby Soluna » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:30 am

Serifel wrote:gahh.
Can someone just send this to Nexon KR or DevCat? Cause, honestly, you guys bring up good points. Personally, as I new Mabi player, I think they should

Unfortunately, the game will be not be taking those direction anymore and it is quite clear.

The game is now paid "content" heavy. It gives you a shell of game but anything relate to the contents will be "paid" heavy.

It is obvious with all the "free"bies they are giving out.

Look at all the recent new hair styles they are all wigs in gacha. When was the last time a new hair introduced? (Granted I do like wig for some purpose).

All the new clothes are directly put into gacha or clothing bags where you have to pay to get it.

The golden rule of TINSTAAFL...

What the game will be doing now is focusing on the Pets, Equips, and Fashion. Anything added will be the promote of these 3 things. And of these 3 things the sales point will be: Power, Sexy and Cute.

Power sells to the "veteran" gamers, probably the lower population but the main driving force of the "game" aspect. You can observe these creatures on major forums constant bickering about stats and certain race is useless and what not. The rules is people will pay for power, this is seen in real life such as bribes and show offs.

Sexy sells to male gamers, probably the majority of the population because that's just how the internet works. You can observe them playing traps and trying to make their characters pretty and cute and the new dresses coming out for ladies will make them look well endowed. The rules is people will pay to look pretty, this is seen in real life as plastic surgery.

and Cute sells to general public and the only reason is [s]BECAUSE KAWAII IS JUSTICE![/s]

And if there's anything anyone should get out of this thread it should be this:
The question real question is not about saving Mabinogi, but the question is it worth saving.
Or rather how to save the poor souls who cannot stop playing.
Why do people still hold on to it? Is it because you already give an arm to the games that you are willing to give your life to it as well? Do you have the guts to say: Take my arm! I want my life still!

You know what they say, Death Is Only The Beginning.

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Re: How do we save Mabinogi?

Postby Kapra » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:56 am

Soluna [Bot] wrote:Why do people still hold on to it? Is it because you already give an arm to the games that you are willing to give your life to it as well? Do you have the guts to say:

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore.
I don't recall giving you permission to highlight this page.

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