[Temporary Fix] Windows 10 Mabinogi compatibility fix

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[Temporary Fix] Windows 10 Mabinogi compatibility fix

Post by Yoorah » Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:01 pm

This fix is for players who can't get Mabinogi to launch on Windows 10 due to HackShield incompatibility with the new OS.

As it turns out, Mabinogi KR has been using a version of HackShield that appears to run fine with Windows 10, unlike the NA version we're stuck with. As such, we can replace the HShield folder in our Mabinogi NA client with the folder from the KR client. Here are some basic steps to do so:

1. Obtain the KR version of the HShield folder
I've extracted it from the latest KR manual patch and uploaded it here: http://kb.mabidata.net/Home/files/HShie ... tch805.zip
Or if you want to be certain that you're using official files, you can grab the KR patcher and extract the HShield folder yourself using 7-zip or similar software: http://mabi.dn.nexoncdn.co.kr/pr/mabinogi_patch_850.exe

2. Back up your current HShield folder
Rename your current folder to something like HShield_NA_original so you can restore it in case something goes wrong.

3. Drop the KR HShield folder into your client
You should now have two HackShield folders in your client; the original/backup that you renamed, and the new HShield folder from the KR patcher.

I've heard that this method worked for other people but I don't have Windows 10 myself, so I can't personally test it. Use at own risk, etc.

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