[NA] Shaved Ice Event

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[NA] Shaved Ice Event

Postby Soluna » Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:32 pm

Probably is this:

During event period will receive quest from Fleta.

Talk to Fleta to receive the Shaved Ice Bowl.

Head to South or West of Vales, there will be hill with Snowballs rolling down. You have to collect Snow Ball 5 times, if you get hit by the Mudballs you have to start over.

Once you have collected 5 Snowballs and 1 Berry, go back to Fleta to trade for reward(random).

Rewards(May vary):
Shaved Ice Cap and Swimsuits.

*If you choose to destroy the Shaved Ice Bowl, you cannot get another one to complete the event. Event quest can be completed once per character.

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