Throb throb Erin Ireland event (google translated)

Various info regarding notable Mabinogi events.
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Throb throb Erin Ireland event (google translated)

Post by hen937 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 2:25 pm

Good afternoon.
Mabinogi is .

Throb throb Erin Ireland has been opened to make .

Throb throb encounter every day, waiting to find your soul mate in Ireland !


❤ throb Ireland
                   * Event Date: Thurs, January 16th, 2014 - Thurs, February 20 Check I

Connection during the event , [ Waku Waku Island Festival quests will be paid.
Joe caravan deonbateun NPC conversation in the Square excited to participate in the festival 'm Irish .

✔ If you want pounding coming from Ireland ?
     Ireland manager Wenger on the beach in a conversation with the NPC to return to the square deonbateun do.

✔ How to meet a soul mate is this?
    NPC in Ireland mate excited conversation with the manager , you can register your profile .
     Profile after registration [ edge matching menu to join through your soul mate .

     If you want a friend and soul mate , right-click your character
     You can request a soul mate .

     Upload pointeueul with romantic soul mate !
     You can fly around in the throb flight action in Ireland , as well as
     100% romantic point me in filling the available area in the romantic flight flight action
     Can be obtained.
     When you hold the action to the fly can fly with your friends !

✔ Exciting Ireland ?
    Ireland can only be excited in many activities waiting for you to enjoy !
     In addition to the mini-games together with a soul mate and enjoy the romance of space !

     Cat's Eye Jewelry sujipsang Mansour NPC to exchange and get the boom box , the
     If the parties enter into two throb of time to enjoy the dance .
     Looking to enjoy a romantic dance time point rise.

✔ How do I get excited Did Ireland Memorial Box ?
     Connection during the event , - a beacon of unity tangled story - the quest will be paid.
     NPC located in Island Plaza excited conversation with a torch after Porter
     Torches around the campfire to unwind after installing ...

     Alkong alkong the state , after the end of each state alkong alkong
     Ireland celebrates excited , you can get the box .

     In addition, excited to be able to enjoy a variety of activities all over Ireland to get through everyday.


✔ What is a cat's eye ?
     Jewelry you can get excited in Ireland , NPC to talk to Mansour jewelry sujipsang
     Oriental Dragon with Ireland pounding pet costumes and exchange box can do .

✔ How do I get the Cat's Eye ?
    Ireland manager Wenger and talk to NPC [ help ] menu is selected, the
     Can do daily quests to proceed . Upon completion of daily quests you can earn rewards .
     'm Excited banned in Ireland south Metallurgy / acquired through fishing and do not miss .

| Notes |
* [ Soul mate dismantling ] button is selected, a romantic point is initialized,
   Soul mate to join again with the same character is initialized to the romantic point .
* When the event ended as a soul mate is automatically dismantled .
* Flight / romantic flight action can float gently in the air at the time of use and [ takeoff ] quick use,
   I can fly in the air .
* Romantic flight after flight action can be used only in an area can fly in the air .
* Alkongdalkong state and the retention time of 30 minutes , the connection will be deducted only .
* NPC Ireland manager Wenger all kinds of daily quest daily quest
   One can proceed once .
   Once completed the quest of the real time back at 7:00 AM the next day , you can proceed .
* Erin motives tests can participate in only one hour a day .
   Erin time again to participate in the available time is midnight .
* Hammer stroke / darts mini-game is composed of two or more parties , but it is possible to participate ,
   Party games can be scheduled chapter .
* Away from party members , or if you are a pet boarding and skill cast will be canceled and the start of the game
   The start of the game , the game is canceled more than three times will be canceled.
* Mini-games , and you already have or , if the standby , you can not schedule a game .
* Waku Waku Island commemorative box, obtained possession of the inventory for couples totem state
   Is applied to activate the item's stats .
   Totem is a duplicate of the same type can not be applied to the different types of totems are used concurrently .
   Halloween is also a totem totem -like effects can not be combined .
   ( For example, say you and the coupling of the skeleton and have the same effect itgie
    Can not be combined . )
 Present day-to-day clothes

                              * Event Date: Thurs, January 16th, 2014 - Wed, March 5

Connection during the event , [ fashionista 's dressing room Fill Quest will be paid.
Simon deonbateun clothing store and talk to the NPC to select a representative character back .

Every day for each day of the week hat , shoes, gloves , clothing , etc. in different parts of the box can get .

Friday, Saturday and Sunday for fashionistas that are paid more and more special and do not miss the box ...

To meet a soul mate is the great fashionista points you?

| Notes |
* Case for fashionistas only representative character can be specified as a character .
* Is a deal not the case for fashionistas property.
* The real time of the day after the 7:00 a.m. case for fashionistas can get .
* Choose a character and then connect again , the representative case for fashionistas can get .

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