[Request] Crafting a Volcano Cylinder?

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Re: [Request] Crafting a Volcano Cylinder

Postby Waffoes » Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:13 pm

Soluna wrote:
Waffoes wrote:..I was under the impression CAHM dropped Francisca manual. Does it have a different location then? o_e i've been hunting it religiously since the patch.

Well I never seen a Francisca manual, I don't believe it exists... at all... so that's why you never seen one?

Code: Select all

<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="18300" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Birnam Plate Gauntlet"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="11500" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Birnam Plate Boots"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="36500" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Birnam Plate Helmet"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="55000" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Thames Plate Armor"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="20500" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Thames Plate Gauntlet"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="15000" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Thames Plate Boots"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="36500" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Thames Plate Helmet"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="42000" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Falcata"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="70000" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Highlander Claymore"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="39500" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Volcano Cylinder"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="39500" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Tidalwave Cylinder"
<ManualForm ManualType="2" MerchantExp="70000" ManualNameEng="BlackSmith Manual - Dragon Tooth"

These are the drop locations:

Ciar Adv Hard - Volcano Cylinder
Alby Adv Hard - Falcata
Alby Int Hard - Dragon Fang
Runda Adv Hard - Highlander Claymore
Fortibras Hard - Male Druid Robe
New King Hard - Female Druid Robe
Ward Hard - Durid Shoes (M/F)
Guardian of Avon - Tidalwave Cylinder

Left out the Birnam set and Thames because those are in Elite Missions like Conflict, Lingering, Tailteann Defense etc... and I am just too lazy to type them out.

... oh.
...i'm sad now.

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