Regarding Female Sword Spirit Weapon

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Regarding Female Sword Spirit Weapon

Post by Soluna » Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:46 am

Those of you who have female sword spirit weapon have to be wary of something:

The growth rate stats, female swords is the only ego that is not capable of reaching level 50 on all level due to its low growth stats, resulting soc level being max out first.

When an stat reach the max level of 100%, feeding the item will not give it anymore experience, therefore if you max out soc level first, you will not get anymore experience for any stats (Because social is added from all items).

However, to the majority of you all 50 is not a big problem since most people only care about str, luck, and will.

There's couple ways to approach raising the female swords.

First, note the all max level value and see if there's any bonuses from the leveling up. For example, if 49->50 for luck give no crit nor max bonus, there is no reason to feed it that anymore.

Second, avoid feeding the items giving stats that's already maxed. This means if your str is already at level 50, stop feeding it ANY str weapons, because it will raise the total soc value which means you have less feed to raise the other stats.

Third, feed it cheap items to reduce the social level increases, and again it is so that you can have more feeds.

In the end, Female sword usually end up being 50 on 5 stats but 48 on one stats, unless for some reason you are boosting its social way faster.

The other spirit weapons don't run into this problem because of their higher growth rate which means they will have less feeds but maxed out faster, resulting in social not being hit to the max before hand.

So, be wary of feeding your spirit weapon expensive items, in the long run, it might bite you in the end. ( Again, this is only if you care about Min / Balance ).

However, Do Not Go Break Your Female Sword Spirit Weapon Because Of This! This is not a worthy enough reason to do so, long live cat ear lolis, long live catty!

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