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Re: PAD x Mario

Post by Yoorah » Tue May 12, 2015 10:12 pm

The "puzzle game" if you can even call it that is certainly not the aspect that made it popular. People just like the cute collectible waifus.

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Re: PAD x Mario

Post by Soluna » Tue May 26, 2015 4:21 pm

And so... got the game this Veteran's Day Weekend, haven't touched Mario side yet but played through the PADZ side for the story.

Typical save the day RPG theme every story element pretty much can be predicted except for the Loooooogial 5 (completely illogical...).

Game aspect pretty much as expected as normal PAD, stylus and touch screen actually works better than on the smart phones (at least in my opinion <_< probably just the screen is bigger). The one bit of the surprise was the branching dungeon path and the requirements to open treasure chest granted it becomes repetitive but I think it was a nice small touch and make the it more "dungeon" and "puzzle" like.

Active skill wise it is quite different from the actual game. All the monsters share the skill meter in the 3DS as oppose to the actual game where each monster have its own skill count, essentially having same monsters in the team is actually not a good idea. Leader skill is pretty much similar setup, but team building and strategy wise aren't really explained well enough (At least I think first timer will still get confused), but not bad to the level having no idea on how to build your team.

Monster wise... a lot less than the original, but some evolution path are just complete different than the original. Typing is also very different (completely new system in fact...). Alot of monster all have branching path to be either Leader based or Sub based. Evolution is based on farming puzzle piece which aren't that hard to farm.

Difficulty wise... I dunno is hard to say... but I want to say it is mostly easy for those who played PAD (!#@$ing no heart dungeons forcing you use certain monsters) already and might give slight challenges to those who are new.

If only the 3DS vers. and mobile vers. can merge some of the interesting features and special effects :U... (;A; I want those animation... dam mermaid and that rocking guitar)...

Overall... if you like PAD, you will like this. If you dislike PAD, you will dislike this. =3=/ If you don't want to deal the micro-transactions and the frustration of the difficulty of the actual PAD... this might be your choice as well, but if you are ready to show your super 3x speedy finger and combo prowess or just want to play waifus and devils then... the actual PAD will serve you better DX...

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