Prologue: Zero - Released January 28th 9pm KST (Tuesday)

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Prologue: Zero - Released January 28th 9pm KST (Tuesday)

Postby Kapra » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:59 pm

Kingofrunes wrote:Image

The Drama Iria 2: is now available! Similar to season 1, all episodes are released on a weekly basis. You do not need to complete Season 1 to start Season 2. It's free to start and to replay it costs 2,970 Gold. Unlimited amount of replays are permitted each day. The rewards listed are KR specific, the rewards may get modified upon NA release as NA had a different prize/saga system than KR did for season 1. So take the rewards listed with a grain of salt. First run through you cannot skip cutscenes. There is a total of 9 planned episodes (8 + Prologue)!
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Spoiler: show
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Quest Guide
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
So you start the story by using the Letter from Tarlach and you get a cutscene of Berched leaving and Merlin and Starlet coming to take care of little Tarlach. You will be teleported to Berched's place afterwards and then you have a bunch of chats with the 3 of them, have a picnic, and then Merlin asks for you to go fishing.

Okay, so then you go meet Merlin by Lake Neagh where he gives you a rod and some fishing bait and requests you catch a Abb Neagh Carp that's 61cm or larger. Then you go back and talk to Merlin once you have that and meet him back at Berched's. Do keep in mind that while you're doing this episode, you will not have access to Berched so plan ahead. After that you need to meet Merlin in Blago Prarie where he'll want you to give him 10 Blag Noir and 10 Errans Sauvignon. Give that to him and then you move on to the next quest.

After that talk to Merlin again at Berched's place and he'll put you in a mission where you have to carefully throw rocks at boars 3 times and quickly go up a ladder each time you toss a rock at one. Be patient in this mission or you will be failing a lot. Basically the tactic is find a close ladder that's away from aggro range and pick a boar to throw a rock at, quickly run back and click on the ladder and wait for a few moments for the boar to return to it's original spot. Rinse and repeat another 2 times and it will run away. Do this for 8 boars and after awhile Merlin will talk again and the Boss Boar will appear. Just wack/smash your way to victory to have Merlin appear with more chat and you can leave.

After chatting with Merlin again at Berched's place you get an amusing cutscene where Master Chef comes roaring in, chops up the boar you killed and cooks food for Merlin/Starlet/Little Tarlach. After that cutscene talk to Starlet for another cutscene where Professor J appears out of no where to join in as well. He says a few things and then that's it for Prologue: Zero. Complete the quest and get 20AP!

tl;dr Berched goes on a trip and leaves Merlin to care for Little Tarlach. Starlet comes over to help but we find out that Merlin and Starlet can't cook edible food for Little Tarlach. They then request your help and also the help of Master Chef to cook food for Little Tarlach.

  • 20AP Potion (First play through only)
  • 43k exp and 28k gold (Each playthrough, total from quests. Shadow Missions not included)

  • Kamine for translating and recording
  • Myself for compiling and recording
  • Teto for data mining
  • Kapra for writing up the Quest Guides
  • Herro for assisting in researching!%29
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