No one asked, but...

Whether you defeated a Desert Dragon, or managed to strip a succubus, post screenshots or videos!
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No one asked, but...

Post by Soluna »

Mabinogi's birthday is 2004/06/22,
At the time, the youngest player was 10.
And everyone acted liked 5
The average age of the players was 12.
Who can't even read the TOS
Now they are Age 22, old enough for rebirth.
And should get a job <_<
10 years up til now, 6,200,000 Milletians have experienced Mabinogi.
Over half are robots
In other words, in the population Korea, 1 out of 8 will be a Milletian.
7/8 will ask what is that
In this 10 years, how memory did everyone have and what have everyone got out of it?
My head suddenly hurts...
Experiencing the various Mabinogi experience
That has become repetitive
The Milletians who posses many skills such Fishing, Cooking, Commerce, Composing, and Part-Timing...
Part Time is not a Skill <_<
Have fished up 229,400,000 fishes, for the city of Busan, that is fish to feed the population for 2 years.
If only afk can get you fish in real life, world hunger would be solved
Have gathered 6300,000,000 wools
I blame you, sheep shearing
Have gathered 2300,000,000 eggs
I blame you, egg gathering
Have milked 10,000,000 L milk
I blame you, milking
The wools collected could've made 520,000 clothes
I blame you, Gacha <_<
And the food gather are enough to make 1,430,000 hotcakes.
So that's why those skills were created...
And in these 10 years, the owls delivered 310,000,000 mails and 300,000 quests
Someone call PETA
And even now the owls continue to deliver the mails in the world of Mabinogi.
Soon it will be flying carts right?
Up til now, the Milletians have commerced 117,400,000 KM, in other words that is enough to circle the Earth 29000 times.
yet you can not go around Erinn even once
The same is true in the exciting combats of Mabinogi.
That has become very "DYNAMIC" where you just cycle to same skills over and over
The current highest level is 42247.
Is defintely over 9000 alright
The most defeated monsters as expected is the Gray Town Rats.
No doubt thanks to windmilling
On the contrary the monster that defeated the most Milletians is the Giant Spider.
See why hitbox matter?
Even Rookie Killer, the Golem has been defeated over 1,000,000,000 times by the Milletians.
Over half were just from Summon Golem
In the midst of the battles, 1,300,000 Milletians have died at least once.
Over 99% the cause was always LAG, MISS, or D/C
And Nao was summon 44,000,000 times.
Is about time she gets some helpers
After a heated battle, weapon repair is a must! Right?
Everyone can see where this is going...
Speaking of blacksmith, no one would have not heard the infamous blacksmith Ferghus.
Up til now, he has destroyed 584,947 equipments.
Now remember those pets you met in your memories, 6,800,000 pets are created.
How many were marketed as "Fastest" Pet <_<...
G1 has been completed over 300,000 times.
Only because you revamp it over and over again
38000 Guilds has been created
Over 80% just Ghost Guilds now
Have you given up those promise you made in the past?
Have YOU keep your promises?
As 48,000,000 camp fire has been lit up
No doubt thanks to all the baby phoenix
Was it memory of happiness or sorrow?
It was more...regrets...
Still Remeber?

That memorable times.

That never-ending and another new memory

Mabinogi is enchanted with life with Milletians.

Thank You for Coming to Erinn

Happy 10th anniversary, Mabinogi. Next Generation.

Do not quote Me on this.

Re: No one asked, but...

Post by Sky »

I think you missed something about spiders before the rats part

Re: No one asked, but...

Post by Soluna »

(<_< the promised sequel~ bet you didn't see that coming!)
Online Games for 12 years,

How long has Mabinogi accompanied you?

8 Years

8 Years of Mabinogi, you know how many miracles you have created together?

Over 13,000,000 character has been created.

Over 8,000,000 pets has been created.

Over 340,000,000 fish were fished up.

Nao revived players over 270,000,000 times.
5x compare to KR <_<... I know which Mabi makes the most $ now...
Players have accumulated over 5,000,000 rebirths.

Accumulated over 423,620,252 APs.
I bet I know which server beat this because they constantly throws AP event around...
Created over 9025 Guild.

Total level over 196,000,000.

You think that's it?

Mari cried over 16,000,000 times in G1.

Her tears are enough to fill the entire Lake Neagh.
More reason to stop playing... poor Nao...
The Boss Golem in Ciar Dungeon died over 41,000,000 times and the numbers are still increase
[s]RIP Dungeon confirmed![/s]
Players have created over 32,000,000 dished that is over 30 times of Manchu Han Imperial Feast.

Owls have delivered over 402,037,644 quests.

The total distance of commerce combine is enough to travel between Earth and Mars 3 times.

Every parts of this, has a piece of your contribution.
Fixed: Every parts of this, has a piece of you wallets
Is been awhile since parting, how are you doing?

We all have our own lives now, but the meeting with Nao in the Soul Stream is a destined connection with the World of Erinn.

Despite has been a lack of smile with you around, but that chapter of freedom is waiting for you to sing.

Isn't it, similar to the scenes of real life.

Do you still remember?

Those days of joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness.

Those who were around with you, how are they doing?
Apparently one turned into a emo monster and the other a shota, but both want me dead...
Can you hear it? That whisper of calling.

The gates of the new generation has already been open.

We hope to can create more miracles with you together.

KR vs CH, 10 vs 8...
you can quote me on this :9

Re: No one asked, but...

Post by Sky »

ooo... KR and CH... what about JP NA TW mang
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